To say I LIVE IN DALLAS" is a mouthful because there are so many areas that reflect all sorts of community lifestyles
North Dallas
 Far North Dallas 

North Dallas and Far North Dallas have been changing with the times.  More of the older homes on large lots in North Dallas are being replaced by new custom homes that usually begin selling at $550,000. There is a variety of styles of pre-owned homes ranging from contemporary homes to imposing 2 story brick homes.   High rises, duplexes, apartments and even garden homes are available and zero lot homes are gaining in popularity in both North Dallas and Far North Dallas.  To view a detailed map of Dallas click on map.
Oak Lawn

Many of the young people tend to head toward the Oak Lawn where luxurious apartments and small houses,condos, and townhouses abound.  It is trendy with the McKinney trolley, lots of boutique shops and access to downtown.
& Uptown

Downtown is now available with some lofts and renovated office buildings that have become condos. The lack of grocery stores for everyday living is being met as more people move into the area. Cultural activities, restaurants and all the happenings downtown make this area an exciting place to live.

East Dallas

Another area is East Dallas on the east side of Central.  Charming small homes with all sorts of imaginative architectural features are found right next to the Lakewood area.  The Lakewood district with small one story homes and large  mansions that border Lakewood Dr. and Lake Shore Dr. are very popular .  Close approximation to White Rock Lake with the Dallas arboretum, sail boats and rolling hills attract those who don't mind paying for being 10 minutes from down town.