Frisco has been one of the fastest growing cities in the Metroplex.  Large subdivisions developed in the very early 80's and began to change the look of the old Texas town.  The original part of Frisco still has reminders of a farming community.  Even the old grain elevators are in their original location on the western edge of town.  Some of the older homes date back to before the 40's and a few homes date close to the turn of the century.

The other side of the coin is shown by homes located in Starwood and Stonebriar developments.  These particular developments are on the west side of the Tollway and are part of the tier of homes that make Frisco a destination for those who want luxury and newness in their homes.  Some of the builders have crafted truly custom homes.  Most of these two subdivisions start in the mid-$400,000 range and pre-owned homes in the area are also in higher ranges.  Many homes in this price range are in gated communities.

There are other housing communities in Frisco that usually start no lower than the 130's.  The owners have access to excellent schools, recreational facilities and shopping.  Several of the developments beginning in the 80's were built around small intimate golf courses.  These courses provide green spaces for homes that have smaller lots.  The more expensive developments have huge open areas and impressive views.

Frisco has attracted an enormous shopping center, Stonebriar, even by Texas standards that draws shoppers from all over the Metroplex.  Upscale shops, chain stores, specialty stores and special import stores that are truly unique sprawl over a very large area.  If you like shopping, this is the place to go.

Another draw for the citizens of Frisco, as well as other communities are the sports facilities that are offered.  The Rangers have placed their farm team, the Rough Riders, in a delightful setting.  This is a great place to take the family.  The Dallas Burn, a professional outdoor soccer team, also make their new home in Frisco. Hockey is a favorite, and there are plenty of rinks in Frisco and throughout the Metroplex for those who enjoy the sport.  Frisco is located next to the Toll Road and Highway 121 which is being expanded to accomodate the growing community.

A favorite spot in Frisco is the Hall Office Park just off the Toll Road.  It includes lakes, parks and an outdoor sculpture that is both whimsical and engaging.  Attractive landscaping and areas of quiet seem to make this spot a great place to work. 

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